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I created this video to restore Bane's original voice from the IMAX prologue which was released 7 months before its official release as part of the films marketing promotion. Unfortunately fans tookto social media complaining that they couldn't understand Bane's voice. Christopher Nolan decided to completely ADR Bane's dialogue for the theatrical release of The Dark Knight Rises. I much preferred the original voice and wanted to explore an area of film that I hadn’t had much experience in, sound mixing. I pieced together the entire prologue from start to finish as I originally saw in December 2011 in IMAX theatres. The final result, the original voice sounds more natural compared to the overly dubbed theatrical version.

The Dark Knight Rises Original Prologue (with Bane's Voice) Full IMAX HD from Kulvir Lehal on Vimeo.

Bane's Voice = Theartical Version

Which version do you prefer?